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Shenzhen JieShengda Technology Co., Ltd. is a together development, production, trade as one of the high-tech enterprises, its has been dedicating to design and produce AC-DC converter, DC-DC converter, high-voltage conveter, medium-Voltage converter, micro-power DC-DC converter, isolation transmitter, isolation amplifier, signal isolator, 4-20mA isolation Amplifier, 4-20mA series, distributors series, Splitters series, conditioner, two-wire active isolation amplifier, active isolation amplifiers (optocoupler isolations and magnetic isolations two series), mV level small signal isolation amplifiers, isolation power transmitters, PT100 RTD tempreture signal isolation transmitter, power isolation transmitter, fence, V/F frequency isolation transmitter, resistors (displacement) signal isolation transmitter, switch signal isolation transmitter, pressure isolation transmitter , F/V frequency isolation transmitter, ...[more]

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