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Product number:   JSD TAF-1001S 1-in-1-out Analog to frequency pulse signal converter(V/F converter)
Title:    1-in-1-out Analog to frequency pulse signal converter(V/F converter)
Category:    Isolation Transmitter
Add date:    9/12/2015
Clicks:    866
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                  1-in-1-out Analog to frequency pulse signal converter(V/F converter)

◆ Sensor signal acquisition, isolation, conversion and transmission
◆ Industrial Automatic control precision measurement and AD acquisition conversion
◆ Analog signal to frequency pulse signal isolation transmitter
◆ Instrumentation equipment ground interference suppression
◆ Data FM phase modulation measurement and control 
◆ Machine process control and digital control technology
◆ Digital instrumentation acquisition isolation and signal conversion
◆ wireless signal Long-distance transmission without distortion
◆ Analog signal/digital signal conversion
◆ Digital voltmeter, data measurement
◆ Long-distance telemetry remote control device
◆Medical electronic monitoring, environmental protection equipment long-distance measurement-control 

General Description:
Jieshengda Technology(JSD)JSD TAF-1001S ultra-thin series 1-in-1-out analog to frequency pulse signal converter is a high accuracy isolation transmitter.it can isolate and transform the inputting analog  voltage/current signal into corresponding digital pulse frequency signal . JSD TAF-1001S series V/F frequency pulse signal isolation transmitter adopts ultra-thin shell and ultra-wide operating power supply design, its internal SMD chip technology and modular design makes the performance is more stable and reliable, The new isolation technology makes the product achieve three-port isolation (input, output and power supply),and the isolation voltage between them is up to 3000VDC. The V/F frequency pulse signal converter is widely used in phase modulation, frequency modulation, analog/digital conversion, digital voltmeter, data measurement and remote telemetry remote control device. The product has been corrected, the transmitter isolation adopts international standard DIN35mm rail installation for easy user installation. If the product fails to meet user, we provide customized. if need putting feeding power to two-wire sensor please purchase JSD TAF-1021S series or JSD TAF-2002 2-in-2-out analog to frequency pulse converter, data sheet please contact Jieshengda technology
Selection Example:
Example 1:Signal Input: 0-5V;Signal Output :0-10KHz (5V voltage pulse);Power Supply:9-36VDC;Model:JSD TAF-1001S-1W2
Example 2:Signal Input:4-20mA;Signal Output:0-5KHz (Open collector);Power Supply:24VDC;Model:JSD TAF-1001S-D14
Example 4:Signal Input:1-5V;Signal Output:0-15KHz (5V voltage pulse);Power Supply:9-36VDC;Model:JSD TAF-1001S-UWU
Download: http://www.isolation-transmitter.com/download/JSD-TAF-1001S.pdf

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