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Product number:   JSD OI-Bx-Px-V(I)Ox Pressure-strain bridge Isolation amplifier module IC
Title:    Pressure-strain bridge Isolation amplifier module IC
Category:    Isolation Amplifier
Add date:    8/24/2018
Clicks:    60
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                                                    Pressure-strain bridge Isolation amplifier module IC
●low cost, small size, DIP24 package with UL94-V0 flame retardant standard
●Achieve Zero and gain adjustment by Adding multi-turn potentiometer
●Three-port isolation (input, output and power supply)
●Isolation voltage (2500VDC/60s)
●Power supply:5V、12V、15V、24V
●0~2mV/0~10mV/0~20mV/0~±10mV/0~±20mV/0~100mV Etc. differential voltage signal input, conversion and amplification
●Converting the pressure, tension, gravity sensor signal into international standard current or voltage signals, such as 4-20mA/0-20mA/0-10V/1-5V/0-5V
●Provides 5VDC or 10VDC reference voltage to the  Pressure-strain bridge  sensor
●High accuracy:(0.1% F.S,0.2% F.S)
●Full scale high linearity (non-linearity <0.1%)
●strong anti-interference and Anti-high-frequency signal interference
●Wide operation temperature (-45~+85 ℃)
●weighing sensor signal acquisition amplification and conversion
●Analog signal ground interference suppression and signal isolation, acquisition and remote transmission
●Industrial field signal remote transmission without distortion
●non-power signal transmission
●power isolation monitoring industrial field
● Analog signal data isolation, acquisition and conversion
● Industrial field signal isolation and conversion, and remote transmission without distortion
● overcome EMC electromagnetic interference in industrial field
● Various sensor interface match (acquisition, amplification, remote transmission)

General Description:
Jie Shengda Technology JSD OI-Bx-Px-V(I)Ox Series Pressure Strain bridge isolation amplifier is a Hybrid integrated circuit by witch the differential signal Proportionally isolate amplifier, convert into  DC signal output , The pressure-strain bridge isolation amplifier IC provides a set of efficient micro-power voltage reference source to the pressure sensor , and output an international standard current (voltage) signal ,The chip integrates a set of multi-channel high-isolation DC / DC micro power supply and several high-performance signal isolation converter to supply for the internal amplifier circuit, its four-port isolation(input, power supply, output and power distribution),and the isolation voltage between them is up to 2500 VDC,  JSD OI-Bx-Px-V(I)Ox series Isolation Amplifiers has strong anti-electromagnetic EMC interference capability, Isolation amplifier using a photoelectric isolation technology, compared to the magnetic isolation transform EMC appliance strong anti-interference and high anti-frequency signal space electromagnetic interference products widely used in electrical, instrumentation, medical equipment, weighing instruments, industrial automation and other industries fields.
JSD OI-Bx-Px-V (I) Ox series isolation amplifier products have PCB board soldering and standard DIN 35 rail mounting, rail mounting can achieve analog signa1-input-1output l, the user simply by  wiring can be used
Product very easy to use, just add a 50KΩ multi-turn potentiometer ADJ correction, you can achieve signal isolation, transmission and transformation capabilities, and to achieve long-term signals without distortion transmission. The product simplifies the user's design, greatly improves the PCB board space utilization.

Selection Example:

Example 1: Signal input:2mV/V,power distribution 5VDC;output 1: 0-5V;power supply:5VDC;Model:JSD OI B1-P4-VO4

Example 2:Signal input:0-20mV;output :4-20mA;power supply:24VDC;Model:JSD OI-Bud-P1-IO1

Example 3:Signal input:0-100mV;output :0-20mA;power supply:24VDC;Model:JSD OI-B6-P1-IO2


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