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 Isolation Amplifier >> Analog signal isolation amplifier module
Analog signal isolation amplifier module Product product_id  Analog signal isolation amplifier module
Product name:
Analog signal isolation amplifier module
Product notes:
Isolation Amplifier
Product Category:
Isolation Amplifier
   Product Description

                      Analog signal isolation amplifier module
◆Low cost、small size、SIP package with UL94-V0 flame retardant standard
◆Achieve Zero and gain adjustment by Adding multi-turn potentiometer 
◆Three-port isolation (input, output and power supply)
◆Isolation voltage (3000VDC/60s)
◆Power supply:5VDC、12VDC、15VDC、24VDC
◆0-5V/0-10V/1-5V/0-20mA/0-10mA/4-20mA etc. voltage or current signal conversion amplification
◆High accuracy:(0.1% F.S,0.2% F.S);
◆Full scale high linearity (non-linearity<0.1%)
◆Strong anti-interference and Anti-high-frequency signal interference
◆Wide operation temperature (-45-+85℃)
◆Passed CE Certificate 
◆DC current/voltage signal isolation, conversion and amplification 
◆Analog signal ground interference suppression
◆4-20mA/0-20mA/0-10mA/0-5V/0-10V/1-5V etc. signal isolation and conversion, can achieve 1-input-2-output、
1-input-3-output、1-input-4-output、2-input-2-output、3-input-3-output etc. signal isolation, conversion
◆Instrumentation and sensor signal transceiver 
◆Industrial Power isolation and control
◆Analog signal data isolation, acquisition and conversion
◆Industrial field signal isolation and Remote lossless t ransmission
◆Power monitoring, medical equipment isolation barrier
General Description:
JIE Sheng da Technology JSD OI series isolation amplifier is a hybrid integrated circuit which make the input signal isolation amplifier, converting into a DC signal proportional output, the isolation amplifier module front stage is the voltage (current) signal input, Backend is a current (voltage) signal output, Integrated on the same chip a multi-isolated micro-power supply to the internal signal processing circuitry, make the chip achieve three-port isolation(input, output and power supply),and the isolation voltage between them is up to3000 VDC, JSD OI series isolation amplifier uses optical isolation technology, compared with the magnetic isolation transform has strong anti-interference and anti-high-frequency .
JIE Sheng da Technology JSD OI series isolation amplifiers have PCB board soldering and standard DIN 35mm rail slot fixed installation of two rail mounting can be achieved 1-input-2-output、1-input-3-output、2-input-2-output、3-input-3-output、the user simply by wiring can be used.
Products very easy to use, you can achieve signal isolation and transmission without any external components, The product simplifies the user's design, greatly improves the PCB board space utilization.
Datasheet download:http://www.isolation-transmitter.com/download/20160310144153.pdf


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